A Gift for any ocassion

Never worry about gift giving again. We make it easy with our four in one gift box. Give your loved ones the gift of beautiful and healthy skin and hair. 

With our all natural Patricia's Skincare cream, revive your skin and glow like you did in your early years. Made with Shea Butter, Babassu Oil and Essential oil,

Patricia's Skin Care Cream
Patricia's Skincare Cream
 it is designed to carry nutrients  deep into the skin and moisturize from the inside out. 

Patricia's Hair Oil
Our Line of Patricia's also has a hair oil that moisturizes and protects, not only the hair itself, but also the scalp. The Black Jamaican Castor Oil and Cherry Kernel Oil combined gives you enough Vitamin A and other nutrients that strengthens, protects, and encourages growth. By feeding the roots and balancing hydration with oxygen, you can not go wrong.

Jesse's Beard Oil and Balm takes styling and beard care to another level. As we take out all the synthetic chemicals that eventually dries your beard out, we increase the life of your beard.

Jesse's Beard Balm
Jesse's Beard Oil
The Vitamin E is pretty much food for your beard. The Sunflower Oil adds a protective coating and keeps it shiny. The Balm allows your to make your beard have a personality.

But make sure you regulate the oils in your skin and kickstart a purging of the excess in your skin. Raw African Black Soap is designed to do just that.This well over 2000 year old soap recipe comes straight out of West African country of Ghana. Made with Cocoa Pod, Ash, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, and Plantain skin. 

Southside Beauty Care African Black Soap

Our brand new fragrance line, INSPIRED, captured the essence of all your favorite scents, as well as brand new natural spring scents, that you all have come to love. 

 Save an arm and a leg and also the chances of burning your skin with lesser quality brands. The difference between them and us is simple, they are only trying to take your money. We are trying to get you to come back. So smell like you feel and Feel The Best You with us

This four piece giftbox has the best in truly natural skincare, beard care and haircare needs. and for only $40 plus shipping and handling, this is just the most thoughtful gift you can get your best friend, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew... whoever whenever FOR ANY OCASSION. Click Here 

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