Can Your tan be heightened by Aloe

Tanning and Aloe

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"Yes aloe Vera have lightening effect so it also have de tan properties but result may differ from person to person"

What is largely known about Aloe is that it is a great healing agent. If you find yourself in the sun longer than you expected and ended up with a sun tan, or even worse, sun damage, then Aloe is the answer to your soothing needs. Within a week, you will start seeing results in the form of lightened skin to normality.
But, what if you are tanning to get that golden crispy skin, and you don't want to lighten up. Well, lighten up buttercup, Aloe can still help you glow. One thing you must remember is that tanning damages the skin and its harmful effects can even lead to melanoma. Which is why dermatologists suggest you wear SPF-50 Sunscreen, and the main reason a lot of tanning oils have Aloe in them.

Aloe has the property of making your skin photosynthetic and can darken it if you go out in the sun without sunscreen lotion. Hydration is the key factor to healthy skin. Well, it just happens this awesome plant contains polysacharides that have a huge capability of retaining moisture. A well moisturized skin is healthier, recovers faster, is better equipped to produce vitamin D and is better able to adjust itself to UV-exposure (by turning a lovely golden brown, that is).

As well as removing your suntan, aloe vera, however, can also darken your skin and can encourage it to absorb more UV rays when you’re not wearing sunscreen, which will make you tan faster and turn darker. This is something you should avoid, as it is a sign of sun damage to your skin, which can have severe effects in the future.

But, for maximum effect of maintaining your tan, we suggest cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is more effective when used for the maintenance of the tan, rather than helping to develop a darker tan. Cocoa butter works to moisturize the skin, which in turn helps to replenish and radiate the skin, which creates a golden glow that helps to show off a darker tan

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