The use of Sugar Scrubs

 The Use of Sugar Scrubs

Want to Moisturize and Exfoliate your skin? Then sugar scrubs are right up your alley and Southside Beauty  Care has the answer to your questions on Sugar scrubs right here.

For just pennies on the dollar, a great working sugar scrub can be put together and lead you on the path to great skin. Along with Salt bathes, there is no more of a natural way to cleanse your skin. Learning about different Scrubs has opened my mind to the nearly infinite amount of ways that a person can keep healthy skin that absorbs the sun instead of being burnt up by  it. 

With the pairing of the right Oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, or other botanical and essential oils, and sugar,  each body part can have its own scrub. As the Sugar exfoliates, or removes the dead cells from the surface of your skin, opens the pores and allows for even deeper cleaning of the skin. The oil then goes into said pores to give it moisture from deep within.
All the while, The Oil will give a therapeutic Aromatherapy Benefits.
So, what do you need to make an awesome scrub?


Regular Granulated Sugar:

 Like the stuff in your pantry the sugar in your coffee, the sugar in  your cheerios. Mostly used.

Superfine Sugar:

Better to use if you have sensitive skin or sensitive areas.

Brown Sugar:

Smell is so delicious but only use half because of the coarseness of the sugar

Himalayan Sea Salt:

Used for rough skins that have been badly damaged or healed improperly from neglect. The coarseness of this salt is heavy so apply with care.


Olive Oil:

Reduce the appearance of Stretch marks with this oil and its moisturizing effects. But, do not use on the face because the heaviness of the oil can clog up pores.

Grapeseed Oil:

Full of Antioxidants that helps skin disorders and rashes grapeseed is a lighter oil that doesn't clog up the pores because it absorbant.

Sweet Almond Oil:

Containing Vitamin E, this oil is a bit greasier than grapeseed oil, yet, very moisturizing. Do not use on oily skin nor if you have a nut allergy.

Virgin Coconut Oil:

Full of antioxidants to help with skin conditions, it is a heavy and greasy oil but does wionders on sun-damaged skin, antifungal and helps fight bacteria.

Add extra healing and scent to your scrubs with essential oils. It doesnt take much of these oils to change the whole feel of your body. Its concentrated nature makes it extremely potent.

Essential Oils

Lavender Oil:

keep your moisture levels balanced and get rid of inflammation in the skin. Great for sensitive skin.

Chamomile Oil:

known mostly as a tea Chamomile can be Very soothing. also an anti inflammatory oil, this oil will also reduce redness of the skin. Stay away if you have ragweed sensitivities

Geranium Oil:

Reduce Wrinkles and slow premature aging with a floral scent

Tea tree oil: 

acts as a natural astringent for acne prone skin.

Peppermint Oil:

Energizes while delivering a cool sensation. This has been recommended for a foot scrub.

Below is a playlist of videos that you can use, because like I said, limitless possibilities exist with Skincare. So learn and breed your own style specifically for 

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