[Up & Coming] Beu NiQue Define Yourself

Euniqua Gilliam


Be uNiQue Hair Salon

Hair can easily be the first thing on a person that is noticed by anyone. That is why hair grooming has been an art form for thousands of years. Ones first impression can be ruined by a bad hair day, and we have all had at least one bad hair day. People love to have hair styles that are flashy, because again it's an art form, so finding someone who can execute that famous style Beyonce or, even more weirdly, Jay-Z  pulled off at the Grammy's, is extremely hard. And when they do find them, they cannot afford the outrageous hollywood prices. 

Nueces County's number 1 hair stylist, Euniqua Gilliam, is looking to change it up with more personalized styles to project the wearers personality, to embodied their being, to allow the person to redefine (or define) themselves. Her experience with hair has allowed her to brighten the days of her customers and should not be slept on by the hair community. Her tech- Niques are storytelling so no one can mimic her styles, and her prices are very competitive which makes her hard press to book. 

This school year, send your children back 2 school with that hollywood hairstyle at a great discount.

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