[Important] African Black Soap: The real from the fake.

How to tell the real from the fake 

African Black Soap

For millennia the ancient ones have been using natural Black Soap to help protect their skin from the most strenuous heat. A product that worked so well that the recipe has never change claiming it to be an improvement, well, at least until now. The corporations were afraid they would lose out on business if they didn't jump on the "Natural" or "Woke" "Trend" that was becoming popular in the urban community. I mean, lets be real, Black hair care alone is over $2.5 Billion industry. Who would want to give up a piece of that pie?

But Beware. Just because your favorite Mainstream Brand has finally jumped on the Natural or holistic bandwagon, does not mean they are prepared to bring you natural nor holistic products. African Black Soap is a prime example as they have tried transforming something that was already perfect in itself into a product made for sell. which desperately takes the value out of the soap. 

Take a look at this video from Green Beauty to protect yourself from the many sick vultures that produced these regular chemicals and disguises them as Natural Black soap.

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