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Managing Psoriasis

Know What Triggers Your Flare Ups

Psoriasis has always been thought to be a genetic disorder. People who suffer from it experience red inflamed flaky patches of skin if treated properly, and silver flaky dandruff of the skin. The Immune System is triggered to attack itself, seeing all healthy cells as the enemy and reproducing more cells at an alarming rate. This causes a build up of cells and shedding is the more prominent way of losing dead cells, and hence the silver flakes of dandruff.

But, science has found that these episodes have triggers of all kinds. And, by isolating these triggers, people can manage their Psoriasis to the level of constant comfortability. Click here to read up on 9 Possible Causes and Triggers, and checkout our store to find the right Nubian Heritage soap, Essential oils such as Karanja Oil, and Butters that will help you restore your skin to it's proper radiance.

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