West African Black Soap

 All Natural Raw Black Soap

Raw African Black Soap

From West Africa

There's an old saying that Black Never Cracks. The ability to hide our age thru our skin has been an age old trick that has been engraved in our DNA by the Ancestors. Discovering this all natural soap that does not irritate the skin and treats such skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

Made by hand and devoid of any chemicals and fragrances, this soap has one thing that most Western soaps do not. The quality to be called SOAP. 

Most of us already know that the water filtration system in USA sucks. And hard water is not a fairy tale. The only way to protect your skin is to not add skin irritants to your already dry and depleting flesh. Which we talk about here in our last article.

This is why I stress Natural alternatives, which used to be norm isn't that crazy. With this bar of soap you feel the difference day one, and I'm not talking just and a lotion film greasy feeling. You feel your skin. Exuberant and radiant. So, if you feel like your skin needs that glow back, then come get you a bar of Black Soap and start your journey, now.

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