Enter for your chance to win your dad a real handy gift box

Mothers Day may be passing soon, but, that doesn't mean you can't still get her a beautiful Gift Box to show how much you love the woman that brought you into this world.

But don't forget, Fathers Day is right around the corner and YOU BET' NOT GET US ANOTHER D@** NECKTIE, thank you sincerely Every Dad  ever in existence. 

Our Men's Gift Boxes include an all-Natural Beard/Hair Oil, Beard Balm both made with Babassu oil, Organic Cherry Kernel Oil, Black Jamaican Castor Oil, and Vitamin E Oil. Great at making your hair full, healthy, and shiny. It also contains Real African black Soap and a Fragrance oil of your choice. 

You can win one this month and have it shipped to the Father of your choice making a splash on Fathers Day, putting some pizazz back into a day that has been underdone for decades.

"How Do I Win?" I hear you and will be happy to answer that question.

On Tik Tok, Facebook, or Instagram, Post a picture of you and your father. Make it pop. Add music,  effects whatever you need for your picture to tell the story of your dad. Post it to one of three or all three Social Media Sites with the Hashtag #WinDadAGiftBox. Don't forget to share and get your family and friends to like your posts. The posts with the most likes will win in the end. We will only count one profile meaning we will not combine Instagram Likes with Tik Tok likes. This contest will begin Saturday May 7th, 2022 at 8 A.M. and last until Tuesday June 13th, 2022 at 11 PM CT.

The Atopic March

The Atopic March: How Eczema Can Lead to Allergies and Asthma

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “atopic” as “a form of allergy in which a hypersensitivity reaction may occur in a part of the body not in contact with the allergen.” These reactions on the skin cause dermatitis, while reactions in the airway can cause asthma or rhinitis (sometimes called hay fever). After allergen exposure at a site like the skin, some of these immune reactions can be local, such as allergic (contact) dermatitis, but others can happen in the lungs in the case of asthma, gut in the case of food allergies and nose in the case of allergic rhinitis.

Population, statistical and mechanistic studies have repeatedly shown that atopic dermatitis (AD), asthma and allergic rhinitis often co-occur in the same individual.1 One in three children with AD will additionally develop asthma or allergic rhinitis. The risk of developing asthma increases with AD severity as more than 50% of children with severe AD also develop asthma.1 AD patients also have a high incidence of accompanying food allergies. The earlier in life AD begins and the more severe it is, the higher the association with food allergies.2 In a large study using a database of 244,776 AD and matched non-AD patients, the prevalence and incidence of other Type 2 inflammatory diseases (including asthma and rhinitis) more than doubled among children aged 0-2 years with AD compared to those without.3 A recent study of 212 AD patients aged 12-76 indicated that 69% also had rhinitis, 33% also had allergic conjunctivitis (eye-related allergies) and 29% also had asthma.4 The connectivity of AD, food allergies, asthma and rhinitis is often referred to as the atopic march.   

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You can win your Mother a wonderful gift box for Mother's day. At Www.SouthsideBeautyCare.com
Use TikTok or Facebook to post a picture of you and your mother. Make sure you use the Hashtag #WINMOMAGIFTBOX and Tag @BOSS_Radio and tuesday before Mothers Day we will pick a winner and ship out her gift box so she can have it before Mother's Day.
This will ensure that you stay her favorite child.



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Woman all over the world need to be honored this Mother's Day. So let Southside Beauty Care help you with that.

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for as many T-Shirts and Giftboxes as you can maintain. For Mom, Sister who made you an Aunt/Uncle, Daughter that made you a Grandparent, and anyone egg carrying specimen who without we would not be here. 
You know she deserves it.

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Gift Box

A Gift for any ocassion

Never worry about gift giving again. We make it easy with our four in one gift box. Give your loved ones the gift of beautiful and healthy skin and hair. 

With our all natural Patricia's Skincare cream, revive your skin and glow like you did in your early years. Made with Shea Butter, Babassu Oil and Essential oil,

Patricia's Skin Care Cream
Patricia's Skincare Cream
 it is designed to carry nutrients  deep into the skin and moisturize from the inside out. 

Patricia's Hair Oil
Our Line of Patricia's also has a hair oil that moisturizes and protects, not only the hair itself, but also the scalp. The Black Jamaican Castor Oil and Cherry Kernel Oil combined gives you enough Vitamin A and other nutrients that strengthens, protects, and encourages growth. By feeding the roots and balancing hydration with oxygen, you can not go wrong.

Jesse's Beard Oil and Balm takes styling and beard care to another level. As we take out all the synthetic chemicals that eventually dries your beard out, we increase the life of your beard.

Jesse's Beard Balm
Jesse's Beard Oil
The Vitamin E is pretty much food for your beard. The Sunflower Oil adds a protective coating and keeps it shiny. The Balm allows your to make your beard have a personality.

But make sure you regulate the oils in your skin and kickstart a purging of the excess in your skin. Raw African Black Soap is designed to do just that.This well over 2000 year old soap recipe comes straight out of West African country of Ghana. Made with Cocoa Pod, Ash, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, and Plantain skin. 

Southside Beauty Care African Black Soap

Our brand new fragrance line, INSPIRED, captured the essence of all your favorite scents, as well as brand new natural spring scents, that you all have come to love. 

 Save an arm and a leg and also the chances of burning your skin with lesser quality brands. The difference between them and us is simple, they are only trying to take your money. We are trying to get you to come back. So smell like you feel and Feel The Best You with us

This four piece giftbox has the best in truly natural skincare, beard care and haircare needs. and for only $40 plus shipping and handling, this is just the most thoughtful gift you can get your best friend, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Niece, Nephew... whoever whenever FOR ANY OCASSION. Click Here 

Smell The Best You

Home of the $5 Fragrances

Southside Beauty Care is home to your favorite fragrances.

Africa is home to all the greatest flowers and herbs that are used to concoct the greatest smells in the world. That's why its only right that they would be home of the greatest oils, and Southside Beauty Care has the connection to the most resourceful land on the globe. So, we are here to provide you with the best smells on earth to place right on your dresser. 

For only $5

Exploring Hair Health

 Now lets get you healthy hair

 Healthy hair is a dream for most.   Healthy hair is so desired that it is a multi trillion dollar industry, from wigs and weave to hair growth or hair loss magic potions.  In fact, there are so many hair growth gurus out there that you would say that industry is growing faster than hair itself.

 But what if you were looking for a more natural way to not only grow your hair which drenth and it as well? What if there were harnessed from nature, ingredients that can be applied to your hair and your overall health.

Essential oils are extracted from plants fruits nuts and more that Mother Nature grows organically. They have properties such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats that are naturally produced by the body, but may need boosting to achieve the result you're looking for.


Below are a few essential oils extracted because of their ability to grow and strengthen hair. Use to get that thick healthy head of hair you desire and FEEL THE BEST YOU.

Chebe Powder: 

Increase hair length retention, encourages hair growth, and improves thinning hair and hair loss.

Peppermint Oil: 

Stimulates blood flow and thus increases hair growth. It revitalizes dull hair, treats dandruff, improves hair texture, and promotes hair elasticity and luster.

Rosemary Oil: 

Rosemary oil helps to stimulate follicles, making hair grow longer and stronger. It is also believed to slow down premature hair loss and graying of the hair.

Castor Oil: 

This oil will moisturize, thicken, strengthen, and increase hair growth. It penetrated deep, supplying valuable nutrients to the hair follicle. Castor oil will also increase blood flow to the scalp, help prevent breakage, dandruff, and dry itchy scalp.

Lavender Oil: 

Natural anti-inflammatory, and helpful for maintaining a healthy scalp and can treat dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp. By keeping these scalp conditions at bay, your scalp is able to be rejuvenated.


Avocado Oil: 

Stimulates hair growth as well as conditions, thickens hair and balances the natural oil production in the scalp.


Coconut Oil: 

Nutrient rich oil that contains more than 90% of saturated fats, protein, vitamins E and K, and minerals such as Iron. It conditions hair while adding luster, shine, and softness to hair.

Vitamin E Oil: 

Amazing for hair growth due to its ability to limit hair follicle stress.

Macadamia Oil: 

Helps to add shine, strengthen, and nourish the hair follicles.

Grapeseed Oil: 

Contains emollients, antioxidants and nutrients that are essential to the growth of healthy hair.

Argan Oil: 

Contains vitamins A and E, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle to re-hydrate hair. Perfect for heat damaged, color-treated, and chemically processed hair.

Mother's Day by Southside Beauty Care

 Mother's Day done by Southside Beauty Care

Skincare is the best idea when it comes to getting Moms that special one in a kind gift. Using Natural Soaps Butters and Oils, she can feed her skin the necessary nutrients that will help with anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, anti-inflammatory skin tightening and more. She will look a feel 10 years younger. And, she will have you to thank for it. We also have other

Check out our Skincare sets and find the regime that's perfect for the most perfect woman in the world.  Made from nature herself,each set has properties that can be used to heal any skin ailmentor just bring that luster back to her skin.

Or adorn her with some of our indigenous and beautiful jewelry piecesthat will make her beauty shine.Hand Crafted in Africa, these necklaces stick out as original in a world of flash and bling,and guaranteed to start a conversation. Check out our collection today. 

But, before you leave you should definitely take advantage of our tremendous, up to 60% off sale on our Watch and Bracelet sets that are so gorgeous that your mother will be making plans to go out just to show of her beautiful watch. Our 

Bossette Casual Female Leather Band Quartz Wristwatch Bracelet Set

  exhibits elegance and power and at 50% off, you both win.  is a delicate yet balanced with ambition to make any scene hers for the taken. And isn't that all we want for our mothers. 

As you can see Southside Beauty Care is your one stop shop to show your mother how much you care. from skincare to Adornments, we can help her FEEL THE BEST HER. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM.